Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Out There - I Am Here

Sometimes I think the entire world is a crazy, fucked-up cacophony of scared and messed up children. I feel like I am standing still, growing and rationally observing and interpreting my experiences while those running blindly around me are horribly wounding each other and making lame excuses for it.  Doing things which make the mere idea of rationality seem insane and fictitious

I know very well I am not standing alone, there are those of us who see... and feel... and mourn... and rage... but it feels no less like we are surrounded by the type of intelligence you find in a rioting mob.  How can humans go on this way?  The damage they are doing to their children, their human family, their entirety of  life is an abomination to the very nature of our incredibly deep and colourful hearts and minds. The beauty and vastness we can imagine, the depth of pain we can feel, the urgency and passion and purpose... these are the things worth pursuing.

To waste such glorious potential is the greatest shame of our existence.  There is no other thing worth doing more, no lifetime better spent, no heart more safely invested then in the determined pursuit of the beauty of awareness.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

If Men Ruled The World

It is a popular myth, propagated by a lot of media and many men, that men do in fact rule the world.  However, I would like to point out how that is in fact impossible, considering there are key elements that would exist if that were indeed so.

A few examples:

If men ruled the world, women would be required to wear far less clothing in general, unless they were your mother, and would be well trained to greatly enjoy a lot of sex (but only with their husbands, boyfriends or johns of course). Also, pornography would not be so widely considered a shameful and wicked indulgence to be hidden, but would in fact be required studies for any male over the age of 14, and would contain real-world applicable step by step instructions.

If men ruled the world, every piece of clothing manufactured would be machine washable and dryer friendly. 

If men ruled the world, play-time would not be a childhood thing, but would continue throughout life and be considered a top priority to maintain a healthy lifestyle, instead of being seen as something of a mid-life crisis or arrested development.

If men ruled the world, they would almost never be asked things like: "What kind of crib/sheet/dinnerware/luggage set should we get?" or "Do these earrings go with what I am wearing?" or "Do you think we should wait to have sex until we are married?" or "Were you staring at that woman's boobs/ass/legs?"

If men truly ruled the world, life would be one big game with plenty of sexual intermissions and everything would come with simple, concise, step by step instructions, that didn't require more then a quick scan to understand.

Therefore, it is obviously cats who rule the world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

With the right back-up, I could control the world.

It's not megalomania, or a God(dess) complex, or even a happy delusion.  It is simple common sense, which in this day and age practically counts as a super-power.  Take a few philosophy classes, love a child or two, read Frank Herberts' Dune series and call me in the morning.  As long as you keep your head out of the sand, this whole 'controlling the world' thing isn't so hard to figure out.  What you would DO with the control... now that is the tricky part.